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Patio Doors

Patio doors give you a stunning entryway and view of your backyard and patio, letting you add a beautiful touch of style to this often-used doorway. These doors don’t just offer style, though; patio doors by Dalmen Pro are designed to enhance curb appeal and function, offering insulation, long-lasting strength, and exceptional performance you can count on. Discover your new patio door today!


Novatech Patio Doors

Known for quality and innovative, Novatech brings over 30 years of experience to each and every product in their line. We carry Novatech products to offer you highly customizable doors, ensuring you can discover a unique product for your needs.


Urbania (aluminum)


LOFT (aluminum)


550 (Wood/PVC)


370 (PVC)

Decko Doors

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, which is why there are also various options for customizing your doors. For example, you can choose from the different types of handles or materials that are available.

Decko consists of several collections of absolutely distinctive products, a department of made-to-measure doors, and an array of exceptional accessories and options. Take a look at the different models that we offer from Decko Doors:

Here are a few examples of their models:


Option Wood


Combo Alu


Made-to-measure Doors

For a more in-depth look
at the Decko Doors collection:

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Lift and Slide

Lift-and-slide patio doors from Royal’s Orchestra line use high-performance rollers for easy sash handling, alongside superior energy efficiency. These doors are ideal for large openings. Best of all, Royal Orchestra doors are incredibly durable with enhanced 4-point locking systems, and operate easily thanks to their lift-and-slide handles.


Orchestra PVC or Hyrbid by Energi


LOFT Aluminum by Novatech

Folding Systems by Alumico and Royal

Renowned for reliability, Alumico brings their reputation and the quality it provides to their bi-fold door systems, which ensure air and water tightness.

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Royal’s Overture folding door system offers customers a high-performance solution, ideal for a variety of applications at home and in business.

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Royal’s Overture folding door system

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